“No one should die of malignant melanoma” - A. Bernard Ackerman, 1985

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[1 min read] New online melanoma risk calculators

By Skin Cancer Institute |September 15, 2020 posted in Skin Cancer, Detection, Risks

New online melanoma risk calculators help predict melanoma risk and potentially deadly spread. Clinicians and their patients now have access to a series of online calculators which will assist in ...
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[2 min read] Field treatments for actinic keratosis | Prof David Wilkinson

By Skin Cancer Institute |September 09, 2020 posted in Skin Cancer, skin cancer treatment

Treating actinic keratosis is very common in general practice, and especially so in primary care skin cancer medicine. Many patients require treatment of both individual lesions (for example, by ...
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[3 min read] Photodynamic therapy for Bowen's disease

By Skin Cancer Institute |August 18, 2020 posted in Skin Cancer, Treatment

How effective and safe is photodynamic therapy in treating Bowen’s disease? Bowen’s disease is an intraepidermal squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). There are several alternatives for treatment of Bowen’s ...
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[3 min read] 5 common treatments for non-melanoma skin cancer

By Skin Cancer Institute |June 16, 2020 posted in Skin Cancer, Treatment

Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, with around 800,000 confirmed cases each year. General practitioners alone have over one million skin cancer-related ...
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[6 min watch] Skin Cancer Update with Prof Giuseppe Argenziano [May 2020]

By Skin Cancer Institute |May 25, 2020 posted in Skin Cancer

In this month's skin cancer update video, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano explores concepts around congenital naevi, in the first of a two-part series. He discusses the development of congenital naevi ...
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