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[Podcast] How to treat skin cancers of the nail

By Skin Cancer Institute |January 04, 2022 posted in skin cancer treatment, Treatment

Welcome to this podcast series, Conversations with Professor David Wilkinson! In this episode, Prof David Wilkinson (Chief Medical Officer, National Skin Cancer Centres) speaks with Prof Luc Thomas ...
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[7 min watch] Immunotherapy for squamous cell carcinoma

By Skin Cancer Institute |December 15, 2021 posted in skin cancer treatment, immunotherapy

In this skin cancer update video, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano and Dr Elvira Moscarella speak about the latest in squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) treatment including surgery, radiation therapy, and ...
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[Online lecture] Recurrent melanocytic naevus vs melanoma

By Skin Cancer Institute |May 11, 2021 posted in skin cancer diagnosis, skin cancer treatment, melanoma

In this online lecture from HealthCert Education, Associate Professor Andreas Blum provides an overview of how the history, clinical features and dermoscopy of a lesion can help differentiate between ...
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[2 min read] Skin cancer checks on the scalp | Prof David Wilkinson

By Skin Cancer Institute |November 23, 2020 posted in skin cancer diagnosis, skin cancer treatment, melanoma, skin cancer check

A question I am always asked when I teach GPs to do a skin check is “how should we examine the scalp, and how important is this for skin cancer?". This issue is, of course, how many skin cancers ...
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[2 min read] Does functional status predict survival in elderly keratinocyte carcinoma patients?

By Skin Cancer Institute |October 30, 2020 posted in Skin Cancer, skin cancer treatment

How do you manage patients aged 85 and older with keratinocyte carcinoma? An assessment of a patient's functional status may help to estimate which elderly patients will benefit from surgical ...
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