“No one should die of malignant melanoma” - A. Bernard Ackerman, 1985

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[5 min read] Can vitamin B3 reduce non-melanoma skin cancer risk?

By Skin Cancer Institute |January 27, 2021 posted in Skin Cancer, Risks, nutrition

Skin cancer has been dubbed Australia's 'national cancer', accounting for four times as many diagnoses as all other cancers put together. Finding ways to prevent skin cancer is a hot topic, and was ...
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[2 min read] Correlation between vitamin D and melanoma risk and prognosis

By Skin Cancer Institute |November 11, 2020 posted in Skin Cancer, Risks, melanoma, vitamin D, prognosis

It is well known that vitamin D can be effective in the prevention of skin cancer, but the synthesis of vitamin D requires ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is a known risk factor for melanoma. A new ...
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[1 min read] New online melanoma risk calculators

By Skin Cancer Institute |September 15, 2020 posted in Skin Cancer, Detection, Risks

New online melanoma risk calculators help predict melanoma risk and potentially deadly spread. Clinicians and their patients now have access to a series of online calculators which will assist in ...
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Is psoriasis associated with increased risk of skin cancer?

By Skin Cancer Institute |June 23, 2020 posted in Risks, Research

Is psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis associated with an increased risk of cancer? A recent review looked at the association and risk of cancer in patients with these conditions.
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Predicting the risk of melanoma recurrence

By Skin Cancer Institute |February 05, 2020 posted in Risks, Research

Melanoma patients with lower T-cell fraction are 2.5 times more likely to have cancer metastasise than patients with higher T-cell fraction, new research has found.
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