“No one should die of malignant melanoma” - A. Bernard Ackerman, 1985

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Research summary: Effect of confocal microscopy on diagnostic accuracy of melanoma

By Skin Cancer Institute |June 16, 2022 posted in skin cancer diagnosis, melanoma, confocal

A very interesting and important trial has recently been published that looks at the role and value of confocal microscopy on diagnostic accuracy of melanoma.
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How to identify collision tumours

By Skin Cancer Institute |June 08, 2022 posted in Skin Cancer

In his latest skin cancer update video, Professor Giuseppe Argenziano provides a comprehensive update on identifying and managing collision tumours in a primary care or skin cancer practice.
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[Podcast] The future of digital imaging for skin cancer detection

By Skin Cancer Institute |June 07, 2022 posted in Skin Cancer, melanoma, digital imaging

In this latest podcast, Professor Peter Soyer gives a sneak peek into his presentation at the upcoming Skin & Skin Cancer Conference and Masterclasses, where he will talk about his latest ...
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[1 hour watch] Difficult to diagnose benign lesions

By Skin Cancer Institute |June 02, 2022 posted in benign lesions

In this latest webinar, Prof Giuseppe Argenziano and A/Prof Aimilios Lallas give a sneak peek into one of their highly anticipated presentations at the upcoming Skin & Skin Cancer Conference and ...
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Research summary: Management of melanoma by GPs (SCARD)

By Skin Cancer Institute |May 23, 2022 posted in Research, melanoma

This month our focus is on the latest publication from the SCARD database and the large team of mainly GPs who have contributed to the brilliant work in SCARD. This really is “great research” and a ...
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