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Indications for digital monitoring of patients with multiple naevi

By Skin Cancer Institute |January 23, 2023 posted in digital imaging

Do you see patients with multiple moles in your primary care or skin cancer clinic? In this latest general dermatology video, Dr Vincenzo Piccolo examines the latest research from the International ...
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Research summary: Technologies to detect & manage melanoma

By Skin Cancer Institute |October 06, 2022 posted in Research, melanoma, digital imaging

This month’s research article takes us into the broad domain of technology and AI. We are all aware of how these developments are becoming prevalence in our lives – working and social. In our ...
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[Podcast] The future of digital imaging for skin cancer detection

By Skin Cancer Institute |June 07, 2022 posted in Skin Cancer, melanoma, digital imaging

In this latest podcast, Professor Peter Soyer gives a sneak peek into his presentation at the upcoming Skin & Skin Cancer Conference and Masterclasses, where he will talk about his latest ...
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