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[WEBINAR] LED phototherapy in skin cancer, general dermatology and aesthetic medicine

By Skin Cancer Institute |November 20, 2020

Do you use LED phototherapy in your practice, or do you wish to utilise its full potential in treating a range of skin concerns? In this webinar, Skin Cancer and Aesthetic Medicine Doctor Di King shares how light emitting diode (LED) can be used to treat a range of common dermatological presentations, including acne, superficial skin lesions, and wound healing.

Using real patient cases, the webinar focuses on the use of LED light therapy in the management of patients with skin cancer, general dermatology and aesthetic skin concerns.

The webinar covers the therapeutic use of LED to:

  • Enhance the body’s natural cellular recovery and function
  • Improve post-procedure wound healing and relieve pain
  • Subside active acne
  • Promote skin rejuvenation
  • And more

Watch the full webinar recording now:



The webinar is delivered in collaboration with Lutronic Australia.


Some of your colleagues' questions addressed during the webinar include:


  1. Are any Medicare rebates available for patients?

  2. Apart from antibiotics and topical treatment creams, what routine skin management would you recommend? Any particular good brands are we allowed to discuss?

  3. Can PDT be used for squamous cell carcinoma in-situ on the lip vermillion border i.e. treating mucosa and skin? If not, what treatment/s are recommended in this area?

  4. What's the cost of owning the LED device?

  5. How frequently can we recommend LED and what other chemical treatments are safe to use along with it?

  6. I am interested in brands of LED lights available, that are TGA approved. Could we have contacts of reps?

  7. Is it ok to use compounded ALA (as it's less expensive)?

  8. Is this a modality suitable for removal of facial seborrheic keratoses and, if so, what is the scarring, cost and recurrence rate compared to other modalities?

  9. Please comment on PDT for AK, IEC and sBCC.

  10. Is this an extension of how IPL and RF therapy works and what are the long term potential adverse effects?

  11. Do these machine require TGA approval?

  12. How much does the machine cost initially and what are the maintenance costs?

  13. What's ALA?

  14. What would a six week acne treatment cost?

  15. Are there any complications with this phototherapy?

  16. Can you use 830nm PRE toxin?

  17. How long do you place patients under the red light for AK-related PDT? For intraepithelial SCC? For superficial BCC?

  18. Can phototherapy be used for warts resistant to topical treatment and cryotherapy?

  19. How much does this cost for patient? Is there any Medicare rebate?

  20. Does LED have any role in melanotic benign naevi?

  21. Roughly how expensive are the machines, and what make?

  22. Treating impetigo? Daily alternating red and blue light? What's your advice?

  23. How do charge this service? Weekly?

  24. What about uses in MF?

  25. How long does each treatment last?

  26. What antibiotics can be used during light therapy? And what doses?

  27. Are there any long-term safety data for these light treatments?

  28. What are the costs of the sessions

  29. How far away from the wound/area to treat do you put the light?

  30. Can GPs with interest in skin cancers and general dermatology use this machine? How much training is required?

  31. Can prophylactic LED be used prior to surgery?

  32. Have you ever used for vitiligo?

  33. What sort of training will be provided initially for the company?

  34. What is the youngest age you can use the LED on?

  35. What about LED for mycosis fungoides?

  36. Have you used it for hidradenitis?

  37. What colour of light do you suggest to get?

  38. Does it work for chloasma?

  39. Do you use an eye cover to reduce exposure to eyes?

  40. Realistically can we use this cost effectively in New Zealand? We don't have a Medicare system.

  41. Is it useful for cosmetics - for facial wrinkles or scars?

  42. What's your experience with tryptophan phenylalanine as photosensitiser?

  43. Can we use LED for hirsutism?

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