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[2 min read] Melanoma & UV exposure in people of colour | Prof David Wilkinson

By Skin Cancer Institute |January 11, 2021

This month, we look at an interesting paper and associated commentary that examines the relationship between melanoma and UV exposure in people with coloured skin. This is relevant to skin cancer medicine practice in many different countries.

Interestingly, the evidence suggests that there is no / little association between melanoma and UV exposure among people with coloured skin. However, the papers do note that the research done to date is of low to moderate quality.

What does this mean in practice? Well, people with coloured skin do still get melanoma, and so self-examination and indeed skin checks by a professional remain relevant.

Protection from excess sunlight is also relevant because even if it doesn’t increase melanoma risk, excess sun exposure can lead to photo-ageing and abnormal pigmentation patterns, for example.

Read the full paper and associated commentary.


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